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Trash Collection Information

Republic Services
is the exclusive trash hauler in the Township.


Trash Collection on Holidays:

Trash collection will be affected by the following holidays:

If one of these holidays falls on a Monday or Tuesday, trash collection will be delayed ONE day. That is, trash will be collected on Wednesday that week. If one of these holidays falls on any other day of the week, the collection schedule will NOT be affected, and trash will collected on Tuesday, the normal collection day.

Collection Schedule:

Residents will be required to have their waste at the curb by 6:00 AM on Tuesday. You can set out up to fifteen (15) bags or an equivalent number of containers, and no more than two (2) bulky items. Special collection is available for a fee for over 15 bags or an equivalent number of containers or more than 2 bulky items. Please call Republic Services customer service at 412-429-2600 for pricing.

Guidelines for Collection:

Garbage should be in properly secured containers up to a 40-gallon capacity weighing no more than 50 pounds or plastic bags that do not exceed 32 gallons in capacity and not weighing more than 50 pounds. Bulk material (brush, tree or shrub trimmings including Christmas trees, boards, fencing, paneling, carpeting, etc.) shall be cut in 4' lengths and tied in 18" bundles, weighing not more than 40 pounds. Small shrubs will be picked up in one piece if they are within the specified limitations. Republic will collect leaves, grass clippings or decomposable natural yard waste, if placed in bags or other suitable containers, and placed at the point of collection on your service day. Loose material must be bagged or placed in trash containers, and is also subject to the above weight restrictions.

Furniture and/or appliances or other listed items shall be picked up on the regular collection day in one piece. Appliances containing refrigerant such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers, or any other appliance containing refrigerant will only be picked up if the item has a sticker certifying the refrigerant has been removed. Cardboard must be broken down so it is flat and no more than 3 feet in length or width and tied in a bundle. Empty paint cans and/or dried paint is acceptable. Paint can be dried by air drying or soaking up with newspaper or kitty litter. Lids should be left off. Construction debris not to exceed a maximum weight of 50 pounds and must fit into a 40-gallon container with the lid shut.

Items Not Collected:

Republic will not collect asbestos or material containing asbestos, lead acid batteries, automobile parts, infectious or bio-hazardous waste, ashes, steel drums, hazardous waste, oil, liquid paint, solvent liquids, medical waste, flammable and toxic waste, tires, large batteries, large dead animals, rocks, bricks, stone, dirt, any items in excess of 50 pounds, appliances containing CFCs or Freon, unsecured bundles of material that are unsafe for collection or anything over 4 feet in length, tree limbs over 3 inches in diameter and over 4 feet in length, televisions, desktop and laptop computers including monitors and computer peripherals.

Customer Service:

Residents with questions can contact Republic at 1-800-464-2120 or 412-429-2600 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday or email Republic at

Temporary Containers:

Customers can rent temporary roll-off containers for cleanup and construction projects. Standard container delivery, collection and disposal charges will apply. For pricing, contact Republic customer service at: 412-429-2600 or email Republic at:

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