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Residents should never be afraid to call 911 if they observe any activity they feel is out of the ordinary or suspicious.

During the school year, residents should be aware of the increase in juvenile pedestrian traffic to and from school buses in the morning and afternoon, and obey all traffic laws relating to the school bus stops.

Section 3345 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code requires that all vehicles meeting a school bus with red lights flashing are to stop until the red lights are no longer flashing and the children have reached a place of safety. Penalties are a $250.00 fine, 5 points assessed on your driver's license and a mandatory 60 day license suspension.

When in doubt, the best action is to stop and wait until all children are in a place of safety and the school bus red lights are off. If you witness a vehicle passing a school bus, please call the Police Department at 412-341-5937.


Recently, the South Hills area has seen an increase in residential home burglaries, thefts from vehicles (to include personal vehicles and work-related vehicles) and thefts of electrical cable, copper wiring and pipe, or other precious metal items. We have also seen a continuing trend of juveniles spraying graffiti at numerous locations throughout the Township.

To help residents combat these current crime trends, here are just a few good crime prevention practices you should adopt into your normal daily routines:




Graffiti costs American communities more than $8 billion dollars per year. It is unsightly, hurts property values, drives away new business, and sends the message that nobody cares about the community. Graffiti is every resident’s problem. Here is what you can do to help:

Let’s continue to work together to keep Baldwin Township clean and safe!

Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department

Are you interested in working with the Volunteer Fire Department?
The Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department has two different types of memberships: Firefighters (members who participate in all activities) and Associate Members (members who cannot participate in firefighting, but wish to assist).
For further information, please go to The Castle Shannon VFD site.

Please visit for the latest news and updates on events and happenings at the CSVFD.

Medical Rescue Team South Authority

SAVE-A-LIFE! Medical Rescue's Community Education Program offers classes in areas like First Aid, CPR, and other life support classes. In addition to these classes we offer other programs on safety for seniors, child safety, car seat safety, dog awareness, lost child prevention and many others.

A listing of current and upcoming classes is available HERE

There is a discount available for anyone wishing to take a combination of classes. Pre-registration is required for all classes. If you are interested in additional information concerning MRTSA classes, please call 412-343-5111 and ask for the Community Education office.

Please visit MRTSA at for more information.

Guide for Using 911

CALL 911



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  All Emergencies: 911
  Info: 412-341-9597
  Police: 412-341-5937
  Fire: 412-884-7913
  Ambulance: 412-343-7889

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