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About the Township

Baldwin Township is a small community nestled in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and consists of one square mile of land with 6 miles of road, 894 homes, and a thriving business district.

General Government
The Township is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners, who are vested with executive and legislative powers to establish and enforce regulations in order to maintain the health, safety and welfare of township residents. The administrative office consists of one full-time Manager/Secretary. The Township Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of all Township business. The Township Solicitor is appointed annually by the Board of Commissioners, and handles all legal problems and services. The Township Engineer is also appointed annually by the Board of Commissioners, and reviews design infrastructure improvements, roads, storm and sanitary sewers.

Police Department
The Baldwin Township Police Department is located in the Municipal Building and is made up of a Chief of Police, four additional full-time Police Officers and one part-time Police Officer. They provide 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week police protection to our community and residents.

Fire Department
The residents of Baldwin Township are served by the Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department (CSVFD). They provide us with front-line fire fighting service as well as fire and safety inspections, and commercial occupancy inspections. They are also active participants in Baldwin Township community events.

Public Works Department
The Public Works Department has a full-time Supervisor and one additional full-time employee as well as several part-time summer workers. The department provides the community with road maintenance, and performs various construction projects as needed. They are also responsible for sewer work, snow and ice removal, street signs, equipment and vehicle maintenance, and the maintenance of Armstrong Park.

Fast Facts

Established February 24, 1844

Population: 2477
Land Area: 1 Square Mile
Total Road Miles: 9.0
State: 0 Miles
County: 3.0 Miles
Local: 6.0 Miles

MRTSA subscription
  All Emergencies: 911
  Info: 412-341-9597
  Police: 412-341-5937
  Fire: 412-884-7913
  Ambulance: 412-343-7889

  Baldwin Township
  10 Community Park Drive
  Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Castle Shannon VFD